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Sonic Golf System-1 Featured on Golf Channel’s “Project Haney: Charles Barkley”

March 10, 2009

Bethany, CT -- Sonic Golf System-1 was recently featured on the Golf Channel program The Haney Project: Charles Barkley, a golf "reality show". Hank Haney, Tiger Wood's celebrated coach, is tasked with correcting Charles Barkley's infamously horrible golf swing. In Episode two Hank chooses Sonic Golf System-1 to help Charles with the tempo and rhythm of his swing which Hank describes as "pretty much devoid of any rhythm."

The results were stunning.

"It made a great impact. He said he hadn't hit shots like that in at least 10 years, said Haney. It was fun to see the smile on his face."

"Unbelievable", exclaimed normally cynical Barkley, noticeably thrilled with the results.

A video segment from the show is posted at

The key to the System-1 is sound and the brain's intuitive sense of melody. The System-1 uses electronic technology inserted into the shaft of your own golf club. Your swing motion is then transmitted wirelessly to a belt-worn receiver with headset that converts your swing motion into continuous musical tones. Slow swings are low pitch, quiet tones. Swing faster and the pitch and volume gets higher. With each swing you hear your own rhythm and tempo, backswing, downswing transition, and the timing and speed of your club head release. The beauty of this system is that you can actually work on your swing without a technical thought in your mind; you simply listen to the tones and try to move the pitch to different points in the swing, in doing so you can actually fix your swing faults without even knowing it.

Sonic Golf, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures electronic measurement systems which are incorporated into conventional golf clubs. The Sonic Golf vision is that modern sensor technologies can be incorporated into golf equipment to help people help themselves become better golfers.

Sonic Golf’s System-1 inserts into the shaft of most any golf club using a specialty golf grip developed and manufactured by Golf Pride.

The Sonic Golf System-1 is based on technology invented and patented at Yale University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and is licensed exclusively to Sonic Golf, Inc.

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